Real Estate Manager - Warby Parker

Rebecca Fitts

Rebecca Fitts is a Real Estate Manager at Warby Parker and a retail consultant focusing on non-traditional retail real estate strategies, brick and mortar customer experience and omni-channel solutions in the physical space. She’s specializes in pop-up shops, shorter term leases (1,3,5 and 7 years), commuter hubs, airports, retail as a service, co-working spaces and beyond.

She’s had the pleasure of working with digitally native and emerging brands to help them
navigate the disruptive retail landscape starting in 2008 with her own brand and series of pop-up shops in New York City.

Most recently, Rebecca worked in the mall industry for GGP/Brookfield and Westfield (now
Uniball-Rodamco) in omni-channel solutions, retail and business development positions helping attract new retailers to the portfolio in the form of pop-up shops and experiences.