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Tuesday, April 2, 2019 – SAN FRANCISCO

A one-day summit with the city’s most forward-thinking retailers.


Welcome to San Francisco!

Join us to discuss experiential retail solutions that will optimize your shoppers’ experience.

RetailNext Beyond is coming to San Francisco! Join store operations managers, sales associates, retail marketers, and other retail professionals as we discuss optimizing the shopper experience. Learn how you can empower retailers at every level of the enterprise by going beyond.

To register teams of 4 or more please email

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Top Trends

Learn the top trends impacting retail.

  • Data will drive in-store decisions
  • Deep learning will become more sophisticated
  • Brick-and-mortar stores will continue to flourish

Case Studies

How data and analytics can improve the shopping experience.

  • Determine effectiveness quickly
  • A/B test and implement adjustments
  • Make continuous improvements

Best Practices

Best practices for retail and the use of data.

  • Optimize for growth and sales
  • Understand the full shopper journey
  • Test and measure new store concepts


McKenzie Hunt

Store Manager - Credo Beauty

McKenzie has over 10 years of retail experience in conventional beauty and has now gone clean managing the flagship location of Credo Beauty. She leads a team of beauty experts- makeup artists and estheticians ,who believe in Credo’s clean mission, to change the way people think about the products they use everyday. As the store manager…

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Katrina Coskie

Director of Stores - b8ta

Katrina has 20 years of experience in leadership roles across department stores, big box and specialty retail. During her career, she held management positions at Target and Apple where she learned the importance of customer and employee experiences. Katrina joined retail startup b8ta in 2016, as the first General Manager and is now Director of…

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Jenni Samuels

VP, Business and Marketing - ZIVELO

Jenni is a passionate proponent of creating beautiful, engaging technology that helps to redefine how we engage with the physical world. She is currently the Vice President of Business and Marketing Strategy at ZIVELO, a role she’s held since the acquisition of her retail tech start up, Oak Labs, in May 2018. At Oak, Jenni…

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Jim Wilson

Product Lead - Brand Box by Macerich

Jim currently leads product for BrandBox, a service by Macerich that is making it easier for digitally native vertical brands to test physical retail as a channel by offering short term leases, configurable space, and access to technology. Prior to Macerich, Jim has built products across retail, mobility, and digital media areas at Ridecell, Westfield…

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Noah Gellman

CEO & Co-Founder - The Lead

An experienced media and technology leader, Noah co-founded The Lead in 2017. For more than 12 years Noah has consulted and enabled some of the leading investors, entrepreneurs and business leaders on the macro movements of industry transformation driven by digital forces. Holding a deep understanding of the Silicon Valley ethos, inter-workings and drivers, combined with…

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Celina Johnson

COO - Amour Vert

Celina is the COO of Amour Vert, a sustainable fashion brand based in San Francisco. She has 18 years of E-commerce and Retail experience in product, merchandising, operations and finance. She has a unique combination of both strategy and execution acumen based on data-driven analysis. She’s passionate about leadership in rapid-growth consumer businesses. Prior company…

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Ashley Thompson

National Retail Manager - Chrome Industries

Ashley has spent over ten years working in the outdoor industry and is currently the National Retail Manager at Chrome Industries. She oversees all retail operations including payroll management, marketing, product forecasting, promotional calendar and in store events. She is passionate about creating an authentic brand story through brick and mortar stores and believes this…

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Lindsay Leaver

Director of Retail - Chubbies

Lindsay Leaver is the Director of Retail at Chubbies Shorts. Lindsay oversees all aspects of retail operations, training, store openings, product, and marketing, pertaining to the brick and mortar channel. After eight years with Lululemon, Lindsay made the jump to a smaller brand, with an equally cult like following, in the pursuit of bright colors…

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Simon Turner

Co-Founder & President - Myagi

Simon is the Co-Founder & President of Myagi.  Myagi is a knowledge supply chain platform that improves customer experience and productivity for retailers and their brands.  Myagi make it easy to visualize flows of information, collaborate online, and hold every stakeholder accountable on the journey of knowledge from the marketing department to the frontline and…

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Rachelle Benson

Training and Development Manager - RetailNext

Rachelle Benson’s retail career kicked off as a service lead at Burberry’s Santana Row (San Jose, California) location. This experience prepared her to gain momentum in the retail marketplace and build her managerial skills. After spending 15 years in five different locations with the global luxury brand, Rachelle’s proven abilities to drive store performance through…

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Lauren Bitar

Head of Retail Consulting - RetailNext

Lauren Bitar began her retail career as an assistant buyer in the executive training program at Macy’s. Her experience in merchandising and planning mixed with management consulting and store operations further fueled her retail passion. Lauren received her MBA from Wharton in 2012 and returned to her hometown of Miami to work for Eberjey. Where…

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Bridget Johns

CMO - RetailNext

Since joining RetailNext in 2009, Bridget has played a critical role in creating, managing, and expanding RetailNext’s position as the  market leader in analytics for the physical store. Under her leadership and guidance, RetailNext has realized triple digit sales growth year after year and now represent a customer base of over 400 retailers. Bridget has…

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Eric Monroe

Director of Planning and Distribution - Rothy's

A Bay Area native, I grew up in the East Bay, went to college down in Santa Clara and have been living in SF for almost 10 years.  I started my career at an architectural projection firm called “Obscura Digital”, but quickly made a jump into the planning world, starting at AKQA, specifically on the…

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Cristina Estrada

Director of IT & Operations - Cos Bar

Cristina Estrada is the Director of IT & Operations for Cos Bar. Cos Bar is recognized for disrupting the luxury beauty industry with its unique and engaging sales experience focused on the needs of the client and its carefully curated array of the world’s best beauty brands. Since joining in January 2017, Cristina has used…

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Ronnie Hart

Director of Retail - American Giant

Ronnie has 20 plus years of retail experience leading retail teams.  He has a passion for creating innovative experienced driven store environments.  Ronnie achieves this through utilizing in-store analytics, store visual, and staffing stores with customer focused employees. In the past Ronnie has helped brands like Urban Outfitters and Chrome Industries by helping create them…

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Jessica Mennella

Retail Consultant

Jessica Mennella is a retail consultant, product obsessed creative, and the owner and creator of the natural perfume line, FLWR Scent, and the grown up skincare line, FLWR Skin. Jessica spent the first decade of her career as a financial services professional with Merrill Lynch, and the next decade as a luxury retail professional with…

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Lee Greene

VP of Partnerships - GRIN

Lee Greene is the Vice President of Partnerships for GRIN, the leading software suite for brands to optimize and scale influencer marketing in-house. Lee is responsible for leading enterprise sales and strategic partnerships within the fashion, beauty, and retail industries for GRIN. Previously, Lee founded WearAway, a venture-backed online marketplace for influencers to borrow designer…

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Be there for groundbreaking presentations from leading retail enthusiasts

We look forward to sharing inspiring retail stories with you and your team throughout the day. Retailers and retail experts will be speaking on a range of topics from store operations to the in-store experience that goes beyond retail. Stick around after the presentations for networking and cocktails on us.


  • 8:30am Registration / Networking Breakfast
  • 9:30am Opening
  • 9:50am The Changing Role of the Store Manager - How Data, Analytics and the Changing Customer are Impacting How Stores are Run

    Join Retail Directors as they discuss how stores are using data and analytics to drive performance. Topics to be discussed are: real time data access, staff planning, labor and task allocation, etc.

  • 10:20am Networking Break
  • 10:35am Retail Analytics A-Z

    Everything from merchandising to in-store traffic.

  • 11:00am Influencer Trends

    Influencers and their impact on legacy retail and emerging brands.
    A presentation discussing influencer trends, paid influencers, user generated content, and using store associates to enhance your brand.

  • 11:25am Connecting the Dots: Understanding how The Physical Journey is Impacted by the Digital Experience

    Retailers and brands have evolved their capabilities considerably to understand the digital journey of their shoppers. And RetailNext has a clear understanding of how shoppers navigate the physical stores. The last frontier of shopper journey understanding is joining these data sets. This conversation will focus on how the data is being joined and how this will evolve the retail landscape.

  • 12:00pm Lunch
  • 1:00p Anatomy of a Digital Native Brand

    What does that really mean?

  • 1:30pm New Retail: A Discussion Exploring How Pop-up, Experiential, and Multi-brand Retail are Shaping Today's Consumer Experiences

    It’s no longer a question of e-commerce or physical stores. There are a multitude of new formats being developed to help companies and brands acquire new customers. This discussion will explore these formats, what’s working and what needs work, and how these activations are helping brands drive customer acquisition.

  • 2:00pm Networking Break
  • 2:15pm Using Advanced Analytics to Understand the Full Shopper Journey

    The understanding of the full shopper journey in-store has helped hundreds of RetailNext’s customers better understand what’s happening in their physical stores. This presentation will focus on why the customer chose to deploy full path analytics, how the project was structured, what were the outcomes and how is this data being used to drive performance beyond the basic KPI’s.

  • 2:45pm Conscious Consumerism - Retail With a Purpose

    One of the coolest trends in today’s retail is retail with a purpose – streamlined supply chains, more focus on environmentally sustainable production, retail concepts that focus on selling gently used products, etc. This conversation will focus on how retailers are bridging the gap between profitable business models and conscious consumerism.

  • 3:15pm Hype vs. Reality - What In-Store Tech Really Matters

    With the myriad of options in today’s retail technology landscape, it’s hard to understand what will drive ROI and what will simply be a “cool” feature. This session will focus on what technology is driving results and what the most promising technologies for today, and tomorrow are.

  • 3:45pm Closing
  • 4:00pm Cocktails & Canapés

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