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This event has passed. – NEW YORK CITY

A one-day summit with the city’s most forward-thinking retailers.



Welcome to New York!

Join us to discuss experiential retail solutions that will optimize your shoppers’ experience.

RetailNext Beyond is coming to New York City! Join store operations managers, sales associates, retail marketers, and other retail professionals as we discuss optimizing the shopper experience. Learn how you can empower retailers at every level of the enterprise by going beyond.

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Top Trends

Learn the top trends impacting retail.

  • Data will drive in-store decisions
  • Deep learning will become more sophisticated
  • Brick-and-mortar stores will continue to flourish

Case Studies

How data and analytics can improve the shopping experience.

  • Determine effectiveness quickly
  • A/B test and implement adjustments
  • Make continuous improvements

Best Practices

Best practices for retail and the use of data.

  • Optimize for growth and sales
  • Understand the full shopper journey
  • Test and measure new store concepts


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Be there for groundbreaking presentations from leading retail enthusiasts

We look forward to sharing inspiring retail stories with you and your team. Retailers and retail experts will be speaking on a range of topics from store operations to sales associate empowerment. Stick around after the presentations for networking and cocktails on us.


  • 8:30am Registration / Networking Breakfast
  • 9:30am Opening
  • 9:50am The Changing Role of the Store Manager - How Data, Analytics and the Changing Customer are Impacting How Stores are Run

    Join Retail Directors as they discuss how stores are using data and analytics to drive performance. Topics to be discussed are: real time data access, staff planning, labor and task allocation, etc.

  • 10:20am Networking Break
  • 10:35am Retail Analytics A-Z

    Everything from merchandising to in-store traffic.

  • 11:00am Reframing Retail: Evolution of Digital Natives as Retail Innovators

    It’s clear that physical retail isn’t dying, but it is changing in fascinating ways. The fastest growing segment of retail are the digital natives opening stores. Join the conversation around the experience of opening stores, how retailers leverage what they know about shoppers, and how they are thinking about the physical store evolution.

  • 11:25am Influencer Trends

    Influencers and their impact on legacy retail and emerging brands. A presentation discussing influencer trends, paid influencers, user generated content, and using store associates to enhance your brand.

  • 1:00pm Anatomy of a Digital Native Brand

    What does that really mean?

  • 1:30pm Hype vs. Reality - What In-Store Tech Really Matters

    With the myriad of options in today’s retail technology landscape, it’s hard to understand what will drive ROI and what will simply be a “cool” feature. This session will focus on what technology is driving results and what the most promising technologies for today, and tomorrow are.

  • 2:00pm Networking Break
  • 2:15pm Using Advanced Analytics to Understand the Full Shopper Journey

    The understanding of the full shopper journey in-store has helped hundreds of RetailNext’s customers better understand what’s happening in their physical stores. This presentation will focus on why the customer chose to deploy full path analytics, how the project was structured, what were the outcomes and how is this data being used to drive performance beyond the basic KPI’s.

  • 2:45pm Conscious Consumerism - Retail With a Purpose

    One of the coolest trends in today’s retail is retail with a purpose – streamlined supply chains, more focus on environmentally sustainable production, retail concepts that focus on selling gently used products, etc. This conversation will focus on how retailers are bridging the gap between profitable business models and conscious consumerism.

  • 3:15pm New Retail: A Discussion Exploring How Pop-up, Experiential, and Multi-brand Retail are Shaping Today's Consumer Experiences

    It’s no longer a question of e-commerce or physical stores. There are a multitude of new formats being developed to help companies and brands acquire new customers. This discussion will explore these formats, what’s working and what needs work, and how these activations are helping brands drive customer acquisition.

  • 3:45pm Closing
  • 4:00pm Cocktails & Canapés

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